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Lost in Translation: Hungarian Government fails to take big hint over media law

An ‘expression of concern’ letter was sent last week by the EU Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes to the Hungarian government concerning Hungary’s new Media Law.

The sustained response by the government (if you eliminate sound bites that they will change the law if asked – they will only do this if other EU members states do), is the current law does correspond with EU directives. However, I fail to see how, after reading the letter from the Commissioner the Hungarian government can be comfortable with the current law. And to not realize that further investigation is coming. I suggest to read the letter – it really is great.

EU Commission letter to Hungary, re: Media law

I’ll try to keep my focus on energy, but since according to the new law, I have to register this site with Hungarian authorities and provide balanced coverage (I’m not sure the Hungarian government is the best authority to tell me what balanced coverage is). Therefore, I think an occasional post on the topic is warranted. Not to mention I’m pretty mad about the wider impact of it – and the true reason the Hungarian government is doing this – to either destroy, curtail or take control of another independent institution. Just add it to the list of Budget Council, Presidency, Hungarian Central Bank (in a few months), pension fund, Constitutional Court, etc…

Sometimes it is hard to maintain a middle of the road analysis when democracy is undermined. I can only hope that like most inside and outside of Hungary, that the Hungarian government finds its way back to the democratic path – and not consider official investigative letters from the Commission as something to brush off.