Coffee tax! Tax my Cabbage Instead

According to a report over at, the government may be considering additional tax measures that are unimaginable. One particular tax goes beyond my earlier blog posting about the creativity shown in Hungarian tax policy, to that resembles the diversity of cabbage dishes in the country. I mainly was referring to the different crisis taxes on energy, retail, banking and anything that can’t flee the country. Now it seems they may tax coffee!

The government also contemplates levying a “hamburger tax” on unhealthy food products and beverages. The tax would be slapped on some fast food, coffee, sweets and coloured beverages (e.g. Coke).

I’m not going to argue against a tax on unhealthy food – as health campaigners have some strong points, but clearly this tax is not about improving health, and more about finding ANOTHER thing that can’t leave, to be taxed. So I think we can add to the long list of sectoral taxes, not just in the energy sector but also in the ‘fast food’ and ‘processed food industry’.  Actually I can handle all these taxes, but not the tax on coffee!

Is it too soon to start the international public outcry that surely must be bigger than the one of the Hungary’s media law?

If the earlier taxes didn’t drive investors away, this one most certainly will. “Invest in a country that taxes coffee? Might as well tax cabbage.”

Tax my coffee?

No way!