The False Energy Accomplishments of Hungarian EU Presidency

Things are super busy here at Limax Energy, so all I have time to state is a simple observation.  It appears that Hungary’s EU Presidency and focus on energy is  shaping up to simply confirm the plans that are already on the drawing board for gas interconnectors in the CEE region.  Check out the below video of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban laying out this interconnector priority ( at 10 minutes in) and  on arrangement for an energy summit.

It seems like the Hungarians have taken an easy issue that was already moving along after the 2009 Russian/Ukraine gas dispute and put it out there as one of their key accomplishments. Maybe this is why there were rumors before that MOL was being told by the Hungarian government not to rush into constructing the gas interconnector with Slovakia late in 2010. And  here I was thinking it was because of the Russians – but as I said then, it still didn’t make sense. But I think it does now, they are using this already agreed upon interconnector as proof that they have advanced energy security of supply in the CEE region. Nothing like claiming credit for stuff that is naturally happening.

Also, in the video, PM Orban points out that they are waiting for the Poles to move ahead with the interconnector to Slovakia. Well, here is the press report detailing that this is already moving ahead, regardless of Hungary’s EU presidency.

It appears that Orban will proclaim success in June for uniting Central Europe’s gas infrastructure through a grandiose interconnector plan. Too bad it was already well underway before he took over the Presidency.

If he was a true ‘revolutionary’ as he proclaims himself to be, then he might create some goals that are harder to achieve, like ensuring the success of increasing  energy efficiency in the EU – which also appears to be on the plate for diplomats at the upcoming EU energy summit. Decreasing energy demand is equal to, or even more important, than building new interconnectors. I just hope that the other priority concerning the Roma people turns out better.