The Southern Gas Corridor Survey

Have your say! The race to extract gas from Central Asia and send it to Europe is on. But who is going to win? Or rather, which project(s) are actually viable and will be built through the European Southern Gas Corridor. And what is the reason for so many projects? Are they just political or are there solid economic and security of supply reasons behind these? These issues are addressed in this survey. And with your help we can establish what the general consensus is.

I’m seeking your cooperation to establish which of five projects may go forward in the future.

The survey can be found here: Click here to take survey

For better or worse, I excluded White Stream due to both the perceived political and financial backing and the level of general knowledge of the different pipeline projects. So my apologies to the backers of White Stream in advance.

The survey page, with the descriptions of the projects, can be found here.

And I would appreciate it if you could spread the word by email. You can copy this link into your email and spread the word about creating a shared knowledge analysis of the Southern Gas Corridor.

Further explanation of the reasoning behind launching this survey is giving in the introduction. So get busy and fill it out.. The results will be published in December/January.