Failure at Copenhagen = failing next generation

I fail to see how the continuation of inefficient and wasteful methods of energy production serve either companies or society. There is now a downplaying of the expectations that Copenhagen can bring. There is discussion that agreements can be reach later next year, that the timing is not right.

We have enough facts and knowledge of the bargaining positions of the different countries… will delay really result in a better agreement? Failure to come to agreement now will only cause more damage both to the environment and to companies needing to know what direction to move in. An uncertain business environment will be plagued by uncertainty on how to deal with the natural environment.

Those  businesses that are not prepared to make the transitions will be the ones that stand to benefit from failure. These business like, oil companies that are not sufficiently diversifying, will gain in the short term. However, the current financial crisis shows what short term-ism brings for businesses and society. The creation of a binding and clear agreement will provide the necessary structure for businesses to begin ramp up their investments into greater efficiency and sustainable business models.